Besides an extensive knowledge of the law, working with contracts in the field of informatics (e.g. software development, outsourcing, SLA, cloud) requires an appropriate level of IT knowledge, as well. During our years of work in the field, we have worked with many influential figures of the IT industry, both clients and developers. Therefore, besides our knowledge of the different legal proceedings, we are familiar with the cycle of development as well. In this way, we can help our clients as special experts of the field.

Our knowledge in the field of communications and telecommunications covers legal representation before authorities when the client requests the registration of the services, the preparation of documents and contracts necessary for registration, as well as representation in proceedings before the relevant authority (Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) and court.

The complete list of our service in the field:

  • preparation and review of General Conditions of communications service providers
  • providing legal advice and the preparation and review regarding IT procurements (procurements of hardware and software, support and maintenance, web hosting, server hosting and outsourcing)
  • giving legal advice and the preparation and review of contracts for IT service providers (software development, outsourcing, SLA, cloud)
  • research for domain names, representation in a legal dispute in the matter of domain names before the Internet Service Providers’ Council and in adversarial proceedings