This field of law forms the basis for any business activity, therefore we offer support to our clients from the very beginning of the process: the planning of the form of doing business and the effective structuring of business shares. Our expertise and knowledge cover the entire cycle, whether it be the providing of legal advice on a daily basis, the transformation of the company, increasing or decreasing the registered capital or voluntary liquidation. We help our clients in collecting their claims with the preparation of demand letters, settlements and instalment arrangements, as well as representing them in Hungarian and European debt collection processes, bankruptcy proceedings, involuntary bankruptcy proceedings and adversarial proceedings.

We offer support to our clients primarily in the following matters:

  • choosing the form of doing business most fitting the particular activity
  • providing legal advice regarding transformation (acquisition, merger, de-merger or spinoffs)
  • complex legal due-diligence in acquisitions
  • providing legal advice regarding the cooperation between companies (preparation of syndicate and holding agreements)
  • representation in voluntary liquidation proceedings, voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy proceedings
  • preparation of documents regarding the particular phases of the company (establishment, changes, transformation, termination) and representation in any proceeding before the Court of Company Registration