Employment law

Were you dismissed unexpectedly, for unclear reasons? Do you want to get rid of a troublesome employee, but you want to do everything legally? Perhaps as a senior manager, the promised conditions have not been met?


The cooperation between employer and employee and the rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship are governed by a continuously updated set of labor regulations. Navigating this legal environment is indispensable to the success of any business.

We offer our clients up-to-date consultancy on employment law, from the establishment of an employment relationship through its modification and termination, to collective labor law matters. We prepare the necessary employment regulations, management contracts and other employment law documents. We have extensive experience in specialized regulations for senior employees.


We are here so that you can focus on your work.



What we offer:


  • drafting documentation for the establishment and termination of employment relationships (dismissal, mutual agreement)
  • drafting special contracts for senior employees (e.g., non-competition agreements)
  • drafting and reviewing collective agreements
  • procedures relating to trade unions, workers’ councils
  • litigation and extra-judicial representation in labor disputes (collective redundancies, wrongful dismissal, breach of equal treatment requirements, etc.)
  • advice on the processing of employees’ personal data (CCTV surveillance, monitoring of company correspondence, etc.)
  • implementation of whistleblowing systems