Workplaces are established and terminated on a continuous basis, disregarding the conditions of the economy, making employment law a field where there is a constant need for legal advice. We know the field thoroughly, may it be documents necessary for the establishment or termination of employment, employment policies, management contracts or collective contracts. The ever-changing employment laws require us to be thoroughly prepared and up-to-date.

Our services in the field include:

  • preparation and review of documents in relation to the establishment of an employment relationship (employment contract, non-competition agreement, study contract, wages policy, labour protection policy, bylaws)
  • providing legal advice regarding the termination of employment (unilateral) or termination by mutual consent and the preparation of the relevant documents
  • legal representation in employment disputes (e.g. unlawful termination of employment, breach of confidentiality)
  • collective cases of employment (proceedings related to trade unions and workers’ councils, the drafting and review of collective agreements)
  • providing legal advice regarding the management of employees’ personal data (e.g. use of camera system, checking of company correspondence)
  • giving legal advice regarding the special rules for employees in managing positions and drafting the contracts pertaining to them